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Friday, January 28, 2005
Facts to know

I know I am constantly rubbing the facts up against people's faces. Those of you who are already aware of these things simply must tolerate it, for I believe I will continue as long as there is such a large number of ignoramuses out there (aka "forever").

Did you know?...

...that there were over 60 major terrorist attacks BEFORE Israel gained control of the West Bank and Gaza? Yet 'Palestinians' claim that their justification for terrorism is 'occupation'.

West Bank Map If the Palestinians are allowed a State in the West Bank, they will control the mountains overlooking coastal Israel. This higher ground will allow them to snipe and mortar Israeli population centers and return Israel to the indefensible pre-1967 borders. Over 65% of Israel's citizens live in the strip of land between the West Bank and the Mediterranean.

Who's Targeting Who?

79% Israeli non-combatants
30% Israeli civilian women
4% Israeli children (<12yo)

13% Palestinian casualties killed by Palestinians (accidently)

Violating Geneva Conventions
(a) use children as combatants
(b) place weapons and w. factories amongst civilians
(c) attack civilian Israelis from within civilian (Pal.) areas
(d) bus children to the front lines for use as shields and as firebombers

35% Palestinian non-combatants
4% Palestinian civilian women
3% Palestinian children (<12yo)

2% Israeli casualties killed by Israelis (accidently)

Israel's military takes great care to not fire indiscriminately at Palestinians because terrorists largely operate in civilian areas, violating the the Geneva Conventions. The low percentages of Palestinian women and children killed is a testament to this care and discretion.
Source: Int'l Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (via: My Busting the Mid East)

Posted at 06:44 pm by Maria

December 16, 2008   12:19 AM PST
you suck
December 16, 2008   12:18 AM PST
you suck
December 18, 2007   12:32 AM PST
moo like a frog. everyone, now!
January 29, 2005   03:33 PM PST
Thanks for the info.
Got to your site via Imshin.
January 29, 2005   07:34 AM PST
January 29, 2005   03:48 AM PST
You're hitting the lying bastards between the eyes, darling. Keep up the good work.

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