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Monday, April 25, 2005
Orly's new pictures from Tel Aviv
Orly has once again taken a quick break from her PhD studies to take some amazing photos. This time they are from Southern Tel Aviv. As usual, her photos give me mixed feelings of familiarity, nostalgia and pleasure, along simply being utterly charming.

Posted at 01:48 am by Maria

April 28, 2005   03:20 PM PDT
Really, what blew my cover? :-)
April 27, 2005   11:42 PM PDT
Of course you should. I'm Scandinavian. I'm really well mannered and would never say anything that isn't meant as a compliment. Hahahaha oh aren't I a laugh (sorry, a little too much coffee once again).
April 27, 2005   12:47 AM PDT
It's kind of weird to hear how old you are *after* hearing so many things you've had to say, cause I've already speculated on several occasions, and I had no idea, except that I was pretty sure you were young...
April 25, 2005   12:05 PM PDT
Torbjörn: Whatever suits you best. No pressure. But it will become a real addiction, so consider yourself warned.

Orly my dear, I know you aren't asking me to 'feature' you. But I like to post photos from Israel. And when you travel all over Israel and take the amazing pictures, I just can't resist.
I shall remember the PhD thing. Btw, can I be curious and ask how old you are?

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