Entry: Putin 'puttin' his nose where it don't belong Saturday, April 30, 2005

The nerve of Russian President Putin has me too appalled to be able to remain silent. To visit Israel and while on his visit indirectly announce that he will do pretty much everything in his power to help the enemies of Israel destroy it?

Putin: 'I will send helicopters'


For first time since al-Aqsa Intifada, head of state visits PA; Russian president warmly welcomed in Ramallah, says he will help Abbas fight terror
By Ali Waked


RAMALLAH - Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a Ramallah press conference on Friday afternoon that his country was prepared to give the Palestinian Authority defense aid in the form of transport helicopters and training equipment.

"If we are waiting for Chairman Abbas to fight terror, it's clear that he cannot do it with his current resources,” Putin said. "We going to provide technical aid, equipment and trainers.  We are going to provide them with helcopters and communications equipment."


I wonder what exactly President Putin's idea of "fighting terror" are. Something tells me (and call me clairvoyant here) that he does not have peaceful ways in minds. Also, I wonder what his definition of "terror" in this case would be. The IDF? Or.. Jewish presence in Israel? (No I'm just asking..).

Putin also said that his country would continue to help Iran develop its nuclear program. 

I say down with the Russians!

Cheers in the PA


The Russian president was warmly welcomed in the Palestinian Authority, where he completed his Middle East diplomatic tour. The Palestinians put on an impressive ceremony replete with an honor guard, Russian flags and a band playing the Russian anthem. 


Before meeting PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, Putin laid a wreath at the grave of Yasser Arafat at Ramallah's Muqata Compound.

Alrighty. Well here are a few more graves for you while you're at it.

International conference


Putin and Abbas met for an hour.  Afterward, the two held a joint press conference and Abbas brought the Russian president's idea of an international peace conference held in Moscow.


"We are committed to peace with our Israeli neighbors and we don't want to waste the opportunity for international involvement in the process," Abbas said. 


Abbas added that Putin's "was a historic visit symbolizing Russia’s commitment to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East on the basis of ending the Israeli occupation and the creation of an independent Palestinian state.”   

Yes it is true. And it's also true that my name is Kunta Kinte.


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November 19, 2010   08:08 PM PST
I am American and I realize Russians are far superior :p
February 21, 2009   11:50 AM PST
... russians are still better than americans
April 30, 2005   09:56 PM PDT
Don't worry about the helicoptors. Their thermal and visual signatures are already on file to be used if needed.

As for the Syrian anti-airraft missles, its surprising how with a little jigery-pokery the radar profile of a drone can be made to look like anything you want.

The Russians know this.
April 30, 2005   01:21 AM PDT
You know, this bastard is the guy of the Chechen war!! Rigth, the Chechens are even worse than the Palestinians, but he is killing them by hundreds of thousands or even millions (not to speak of massive rape, but we all know how the (neo)Red Army behaves).

And then he goes to Israel to teach peace! And respect for... HUMAN RIGTHS.

I hate too many international politicians. Not good for my blood preasure.

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